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So I just need to share this.

I'm sick. I've got something called idiopathic intracranial hypertension. This causes chronic daily headaches (not joking about this; I've had a headache since 5 Feb 2011... that's 879 days of the same fucking headache) and horrific migraine attacks that can mimic strokes. I've also got several mental health conditions that require constant monitoring by medical professionals and medication. 

Y'know what I take every day?


There's seven prescription medications in those 24 pills. That's not counting the four vitamins I'm out of (two pills each), my birth control pill, my allergy pills that I really only need in the spring and fall (two), or the antibiotic I'm currently taking twice a day for Lyme disease.

If you're adding all this up, that's 37 pills (and I'm not counting over the counter painkillers, the Vicodin I take for my broken ankle, or the three migraine abortive pills I've got, y'know, just in case).

And I house these pills in two of these containers:


(with a television remote for handy size control; there's also another, smaller, cuter pill container for my midday pills that I unfortunately left on the bathroom counter)

If I didn't have insurance (which I may end up losing, but that's another story), my eight prescriptions would cost me $2,701.94 every month.

(one of those pills alone is $1,183.99 for a thirty day supply)

With insurance? $172.00

(Thank you, Obama, for the free birth control; you save me $27)

The worst part? I need these pills to function. These medicines keep all my problems to a minimal level. I physically need these to be able to get out of bed and work and cook and type and read. 

I'm so ridiculously fortunate that my little retail job offers near-full-time workers pretty decent health care coverage. If I didn't have insurance, I'd be dead right now. 

I really don't know what the point of this post is. And I know we have huuuuuuuuge problems to fix as a country (like working to get trans people, specifically trans women of color, proper and nondiscriminatory medical care, housing, and jobs), but this is why everyone needs some sort of health coverage, especially if those people work in sectors that don't normally provide insurance (like retail and food service; a dear friend of mine is a store manager at a McDonald's, and his epilepsy is mostly untreated because he can't afford the doctor or medicines).

So yeah.


If anyone's curious, this is my super adorable midday pill case that I'm supposed to always carry with me but I accidentally left on the bathroom sink this morning oops


It doubles as a compact mirror =)


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