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Dear Rare Pair Author,

First of all, thank you so much for offering to write for my fandom! I'm looking forward for what you create!

Secondly, this note will probably be quite short; I'm pretty easy to please.

Thirdl - okay, there is no thirdly. So I'll just jump right in!

I suppose I'll start with the no thank yous:
- Pregnancy/mpreg (huge, huge, huge squick of mine; please try to avoid this at all costs)
- A/B/O dynamics
- Watersports/scat/vomit play
- Writings in first person

And now the I love its:
- Schmoop & fluff
- Slice-of-Life
- First times
- Friends-to-Lovers
- Enemies-to-Friends-to-Lovers

I also enjoy reading AUs, BDSM (as long as it adheres to RACK), darkfic... really anything that is not on my squick list. I'll also gladly read any rating.

Finally, a few ideas with the fandoms:
Hot Fuzz
Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman
With these two, I'd love a slice-of-life fic: what's Sandford like now post-NWA? Being in a same-sex relationship in a small village? Is the Peace Lily okay? Has Nicholas finally made his way through Danny's video collection (or at least seen Die Hard)?

Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (Cartoons)
Shayera Hol/John Stewart
So, in Unlimited, Shayera learns of Warhawk, their son. How does that affect her relationship with John (who, at that point, was still dating Vixen)? Or maybe a mission in deep space, or sparring in the Watchtower, or monitor duty, or the aftermath of a Big Bad fight?

Trapper John McIntyre/Hawkeye Pierce
Oh god, these two. My OTP of OTPs. I'd really like to avoid the bastard!Trapper trope, because I swear that this is a love for the ages. I would love anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Master and Commander (All Media Types)
Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
I just. These two. I love them in the books and I love them in the movie. I'd love something with stolen moments for these two, maybe kind of an everyone knows but no one says thing, because, god help them, they'd follow Lucky Jack anywhere.

Night at the Museum
This is probably the best fit of the enemy-to-friend-to-lover trope. Yeah, I know it's probably been overdone and may be slightly cheesy, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for it.

The X-Flies
Dana Scully/Walter Skinner or Fox Mulder/Dana Scully/Walter Skinner
I honestly don't know what draws me to these pairings (plus Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner, but that was a bit too big for this fest), but perhaps its my love of Skinner. He just... cares so damn much, and. Wow, I really don't know. But maybe something within the series, post-case, the three of them decompressing, trying to understand just what the fuck happened.

Of course, if nothing here strikes your fancy, please follow your muse! I know I'll love it!

And as always, thank you!
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Title: ‘Neath a Darkening Sky
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Summary: When a group of Vulcans on a cultural exchange move in downstairs, Jim's friends bet him he can't seduce one of them. The last thing Jim expects is to fall in love, but Vulcan culture is strict, and he and Spock will have to battle many trials before they can reach their happy ending. Based on the film Latter Days.
Notes: Companion fanmix for the awesome fic Why They Call It Falling, written by [ profile] lah_mrh for [ profile] startrekbigbang. The content in this post contains spoilers for the fic, as well as some saucy language. Please let me know if the stream isn’t working right or if any of the download links screw up.

someday soon you'll know )

Stream on 8tracks

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Title: We’re Like No Other
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Summary: Leonard McCoy has met so many people in his profession that there isn't a single superpower left that surprises him. Until he meets Jim Kirk.
Notes: Companion fanmix for the super awesome fic All of Your Heroes and Saints, written by [ profile] acetamide for [ profile] startrekbigbang. This post contains spoilers for the fic, and also Star Trek Into Darkness. Please let me know if the stream isn’t working correctly or the download links fail.

heart, don't fail me now )

Stream on 8tracks

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Remember this post?

Well, I finally did it.

pics below )

I am so ridiculously happy it's not even funny.


Jul. 7th, 2014 04:06 pm
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I HIT 10,000 WORDS




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Title: Perfect Alibis
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Summary: Jim gets drunk too often, Leonard doesn’t get drunk enough, and Gaila and Uhura make bets. An academy-era story about four friends featuring hover couches, prank wars, and Gaila being way cooler than you.
Notes: Companion fanmix for the absolutely fantastic fic The Gaila Show, written for [ profile] startrekbigbang. The content herein contains spoilers for said fic, but no warnings apply. Please let me know if the stream is janky or any download links stop working.

it's getting hot; who's gonna rescue me? )

Stream on 8tracks

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Title: the buildings stand electric

Notes: Unfortunately, both my author and my pinch hitter had to drop out due to personal reasons, so there is no accompanying fic. This was originally posted here.

01 - Where Does This Ocean Go / Ilaria Graziano
02 - Pulling The Rug / Imelda May
03 - I Don't Like You / Electric Six
04 - Highway Song / System Of A Down
05 - Sleepless Nights Alone / Still Remains
06 - Professional Victim / Bullets & Octane
07 - Slow Burn / Atreyu
08 - Pitchblack / The 69 Eyes
09 - I Choose / The Offspring
10 - Run Home / Priestess
11 - Fox On The Run / Ace Frehley
12 - Everything's Everything / HorrorPops
13 - The Greatest Sounds / Riding The Low

Stream on 8tracks

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mediafire: .zip & .rar
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Title: Without You, Alone
Characters and/or pairings: Greg Lestrade/John Watson
Rating: G
Warnings, kinks & contents: No warnings apply
Length: 1k
Summary: “For the last time, John, I’m absolutely fine.”

John Watson glanced around the small white room, as if only just recognizing where they were. “Oh my,” he flatly responded, “You’re so right, Greg. You’re in hospital for absolutely no reason. How silly of me.”
Author's note: Please note the Disclaimer located here. This was written for Greens for [ profile] rarepairfest 2013, and as of 17 Aug, this fic is unBrit-picked. Gratuitous thanks to Day for looking this over for me ♥ Title from The Tea Party's The River. This has been posted to AO3 as well.

They all melt away, without you alone )
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I have a hat! And after three years, I've finally found a good, simple pattern for this yarn.

ignore the toilet

ignore my face

Made from this pattern (Ravelry link)
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Title: and it drags you down
Characters: Harry, John
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Warnings: Descriptions of alcoholism, self-depreciating actions, this fic is really fucking depressing
Summary: if you fuel the addiction, you suckle its disease
Author's notes: I’m writing this as a child of an alcoholic mother, so many aspects of this fic are based in reality (though some liberties have been taken, as I am not an alcoholic myself). Also, please note the disclaimer located here. This is also on AO3. Title and summary from the song The Master & Margarita by The Tea Party.

i'm carved from the chaos and stained by its reprise
and i've introduced myself for centuries

But walking through raindrops, it fuels it's own disdain )

you're broken and battered, you've tried with all amain
weaned by distraction, your story stays the same
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Title: Over The Top (And Then A Little Higher)
Characters: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 968
Summary: Five times John punched Sherlock without grievous injury, and one time Sherlock punched John and broke something.
Author's notes: A 5+1 format fic written based on a [ profile] sherlockmas prompt that I never actually claimed and finished too late for the drabble days. Unbeta’d and unbritpicked. Also, please note the disclaimer located here. Title from Gary Glitter’s Dance Me Up. God help me, this fandom has turned me into a huge Gary Glitter fan. This is also on AO3. Dedicated to [ profile] day221b cause she knows why ♥

Make my body pops so that my feet don't touch the ground )
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Should I start using this instead of LJ? I feel like I should.
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Question for everyone: What's your opinion on reading stories/fic written in second person? I know it seems to piss a lot of people off, but I'd like opinions.
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So I just need to share this.

I'm sick. I've got something called idiopathic intracranial hypertension. This causes chronic daily headaches (not joking about this; I've had a headache since 5 Feb 2011... that's 879 days of the same fucking headache) and horrific migraine attacks that can mimic strokes. I've also got several mental health conditions that require constant monitoring by medical professionals and medication. 

Y'know what I take every day?


There's seven prescription medications in those 24 pills. That's not counting the four vitamins I'm out of (two pills each), my birth control pill, my allergy pills that I really only need in the spring and fall (two), or the antibiotic I'm currently taking twice a day for Lyme disease.

If you're adding all this up, that's 37 pills (and I'm not counting over the counter painkillers, the Vicodin I take for my broken ankle, or the three migraine abortive pills I've got, y'know, just in case).

And I house these pills in two of these containers:


(with a television remote for handy size control; there's also another, smaller, cuter pill container for my midday pills that I unfortunately left on the bathroom counter)

If I didn't have insurance (which I may end up losing, but that's another story), my eight prescriptions would cost me $2,701.94 every month.

(one of those pills alone is $1,183.99 for a thirty day supply)

With insurance? $172.00

(Thank you, Obama, for the free birth control; you save me $27)

The worst part? I need these pills to function. These medicines keep all my problems to a minimal level. I physically need these to be able to get out of bed and work and cook and type and read. 

I'm so ridiculously fortunate that my little retail job offers near-full-time workers pretty decent health care coverage. If I didn't have insurance, I'd be dead right now. 

I really don't know what the point of this post is. And I know we have huuuuuuuuge problems to fix as a country (like working to get trans people, specifically trans women of color, proper and nondiscriminatory medical care, housing, and jobs), but this is why everyone needs some sort of health coverage, especially if those people work in sectors that don't normally provide insurance (like retail and food service; a dear friend of mine is a store manager at a McDonald's, and his epilepsy is mostly untreated because he can't afford the doctor or medicines).

So yeah.


If anyone's curious, this is my super adorable midday pill case that I'm supposed to always carry with me but I accidentally left on the bathroom sink this morning oops


It doubles as a compact mirror =)

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Title: Something More For Less
Characters and/or pairings: Greg Lestrade/John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, brief appearances by Sally Donovan and Mrs. Hudson
Rating: PG-13
Warnings, kinks & contents: No warnings apply
Length: 4.6k
Author's note: Please note the Disclaimer located here. This was written for [ profile] rarepairfest, and as of 31 Aug, this fic is unBrit-picked. This fic wouldn't exist without the assistance, betaing, and cheerleading of the ever-fabulous [ profile] tawg. Thanks also go to [ profile] day221b and [ profile] trista_zevkia for their amazing support. This has been posted to AO3 as well.

Summary: It all started with Greg. And he knew it was entirely his fault.

It all started with Greg. And he knew it was entirely his fault )
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Title: Between Past and Present Tense
Fandom: Burn Notice
Summary: "But in this career path, relationships and self-identity are not prioritized. While spies are trained to be able to ingratiate themselves with others, fooling strangers is a long way from the honesty and communication that people in relationships tend to expect. Combined with an emotionally stunted bedrock, navigating these waters can be ill-advised at best and downright dangerous at worst, often with little hope of success." And yet, despite everything, Michael Westen finds himself trying anyway.
Notes: Companion mix for the brilliant fic of the same name, written for [ profile] queer_bigbang. This mix contains spoilers for said fic as well as pretty much the entirety of Burn Notice.

i built myself a fucking iron army )

Stream on 8tracks

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sendspace: .zip & .rar


Jun. 12th, 2012 04:19 pm
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Title: Telephone
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nicholas/Danny
Rating: G
Challenge: Prompt #326 for [ profile] slashthedrabble
Length: 300 words
Summary: Like a game of Telephone, the actual story had become twisted.
Notes: American spelling. Dedicated to my beautiful [ profile] day221b. Please note the Disclaimer located here. Also, this fic is un-beta'd, so any mistakes are my own. If mistakes are spotted, please let me know, and I'll correct them. Concrit is welcome and encouraged!

Ring Ring )
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Testing this crosspost thing. So if this headache isn't just a fluke, I might be moving to Dreamwidth. I might have some invite codes floating around if anyone wants one, just gotta search for them.


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